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CFP 2009 Online and in the news

  • see the online schedule here
  • China’s “Green Dam Youth Escort” software, Rebecca MacKinnon, RConversation, 6-8-09 [1]
  • Computers Freedom and Privacy, Mike Banks Valentine, Larry English , 6-8-09 [2]
  • The role of design in protecting cyberspace: thoughts from CFP 2009, Ian Glazer, tuesdaynight, 6-8-09 [3]
  • Signs of the Times News fit, Keine Kommentare, privacy laws, 6-7-09 [4]
  • House Curbs “Virtual Strip Searches” At Airports, Declan McCullagh, CBS News Political Hotsheet, 6-5-09 [5]
  • CFP Panel on Voting and the Internet, Association for Computing Machinery Weblog, 6-5-09 [6]
  • Internet Voting: How Far Can We Go Safely?, Ed Felton, Freedom to Tinker, 6-5-09 [7]
  • Bush FBI sent 18 armored agents to search my house, wiretap whistleblower says, John Byrne, The Raw Story, 6-5-09 [8]
  • Global Digital Activism Case Study: Germany’s Freedom Not Fear, Nancy Scola, Personal Democracy Forum, 6-5-09 [9]
  • NSA Whistleblower Meets Anthrax ‘Person of Interest’, Kevin Poulsen,’s Threat Level, 6-4-09 [10]
  • Deep Packet Inspection Here to Stay, Say Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference Experts, Douglas Streeks,, 6-4-09 [11]
  • Are We Really Inching Toward Cybarmageddon?, Matthew Harwood, Security Management, 6-4-09 [12]
  • Is Internet Voting Safe? Vote Here, Kevin Poulsen,’s Threat Level, 6-4-09 [13]
  • Business and the Internet on Tiananmen’s 20th Anniversary, Chip Pitts, CRS Law, 6-4-09 [14]
  • net.wars: Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2009 – Day Two, Wendy Grossman, [15]
  • Online Behavioral Targeting Targeted by Feds, Critics, Ryan Singel,’s Episcenter [16]
  • Obama’s Cybersecurity Plan: Bring in the Contractors!, Tom Burghardt, Pacific Free Press [17]
  • Google and Microsoft Defend Practices at Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference, Ryan Womack, [18]
  • Privacy conference panel: Consumers give up privacy too easily, Donna Tapellini, [19]
  • Privacy a Stumbling Block in Healthcare IT, Kenneth Corbin, [20]
  • CFP 2009 Part 1: Threats to Privacy, Jeff Porten, TidBITS: Mac News for the Rest of Us [21]
  • Behavioral Targeting To Rescue Newspapers?, Wendy Davis, The Daily Online Examiner [22]
  • Tracking and collecting online data, p2pnet news [23]
  • Pot shots at the Google Book Search deal, Kenneth Corbin, [24]
  • Conference notes - CFP 2009, Collin McKay, Office of the Privacy Comissioner of Canada Blog [25]
  • The tug-of-war between security and privacy, Max Cacas, Federal News Radio [26]
  • Tech Policy, Broadband Still at Top of Obama’s List, Says Crawford, Andrew Feinberg, [27]
  • Obama Team Stumps for Tech Policy, Kenneth Corbin, [28]
  • Is There Life After Craigslist for Craig? Maybe, Kenneth Corbin, [29]
  • Securing New Infrastructure Will Require Watchful Eye, Experts Say,Douglas Streeks [30]
  • Critics: Google Book Deal a Monopoly, Privacy Debacle, The Future of Less [31]
  • Ex-Fed: Privacy Advocates Should Go After China, Lay Off NSA, As in the Days of Noah [32]
  • Reminder from China about the importance of Section 230 immunity, Paul Levy [33]
  • Filtering v3.0, Derek Bambauer, INFO/LAW [34]
  • Securing New Infrastructure Will Require Watchful Eye, Experts Say, Douglas Streeks, Benton Foundation, [35]
  • Craigslist Founder Seeks Larger DC Role, National Journal [36]
  • Crawford: Tech Agenda Just Beginning, National Journal[37]
  • Justice IG To Release Exigent Letter Report, National Journal [38]
  • Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2009 - Day One, net.wars, Wendy Grossman [39]
  • Conference at the Crossroads of Tech Freedom and Privacy, Federal News Radio [40]
  • White House Aide Warns Online Advertisers To Be Monitored, Wall Street Journal (clip only, subscription required)[41]
  • Critics: Google Book Deal a Monopoly, Privacy Debacle, Ryan Singel,’s Epicenter blog, [42]
  • The Obama Administration’s Silence on Privacy, Saul Hansel, New York Times Bits blog, [43]
  • Computers, Freedom & Privacy: Day 1, Mark Belinsky, 6 to cut, 4 to sharpen [44]
  • Ex-Fed: Privacy Advocates Should Go After China, Lay Off NSA, Kevin Poulsen, [45]
  • TMCnet[46]
  • [47]
  • [48]
  • [49]
  • CSPAN [50]